Project Coordinator: Prof. Jacek Kuźnicki, Director
Project Manager: Dr. Urszula Białek-Wyrzykowska
WP1 Leader: Prof. Jacek Kuźnicki
WP2 Leader: Prof. Michał Witt
WP3 Leader: Prof. Alicja Żylicz, Head of the Core Facility Laboratory
WP4 Leader: Magdalena Powierża, MA, Head of BioTech-IP
WP5 Leader: Dorota Wasiak-Libiszowska, MA, International Cooperation Specialist
WP6 Leader: Dr. Urszula Białek-Wyrzykowska
WP7 Leader: Dr. Urszula Białek-Wyrzykowska
Managers: Aleksandra Nałęcz-Tolak, International Cooperation Specialist and Marcin Ogonowski, International Cooperation Manager

managment chart


  • The FishMed Committee

    The FishMed Committee is the executive body responsible for the implementation of the FishMed Centre twinning and scientific goals. It assesses the progress of work, makes strategic decisions, and reacts to any delays in the project.
    The FishMed Committee members:
    Project Coordinator: Jacek Kuźnicki
    European Partners: Oliwer Bandmann, Thomas Braun, Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan, William Harris (remote), Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Ewa Snaar-Jagalska, Didier Stainier
    IIMCB Laboratory Leaders: Matthias Bochtler, Janusz Bujnicki, Agnieszka Chacińska, Jacek Jaworski, Marta Miączyńska, Maciej Żylicz
    Work Package Leaders: Dorota Libiszowska, Magdalena Powierża, Michał Witt, Urszula Wyrzykowska, Alicja Żylicz

  • The International Advisory Board (IAB)

    IAB of IIMCB acts as an advisory body for the FishMed Committee. IAB ensures that the FishMed project is part of a long-term development strategy of IIMCB and has a positive impact on Institute development at the European, regional, and national levels. The IAB consists of well-known scientists who, in addition to their scientific excellence, have extensive experience in project management and the successful strategic development of research organisations.
    In the term 2014-2017, the IAB consists of 18 scientists: N. Blin (Germany), I. Braakman (The Netherlands), T. Braun (Germany), B. Bukau (Germany), W. Chazin (USA), I. Dikič (Germany), W. Filipowicz (Switzerland), K. Hahlbrock (Germany), U. Hibner (France), A. Jarmołowski (Poland), F. van Leuven (Belgium), M.J. Nałęcz (France), D. Picard (Switzerland), H. Saibil (Great Britain), P. Sicinski (USA), A. Szewczyk (Poland), A. Tramontano (Italy), and A. Wlodawer (USA).

On May 23-24, 2014 the International Advisory Board meeting took place at IIMCB. The Board constituted itself for the term 2014-2017 with Anna Tramontano as a Chairperson, Ineke Braakman as a Vice-Chair and Artur Jarmolowski as a Secretary. The Board also evaluated and fully supported for further research activities laboratories of Matthias Bochtler, Janusz M. Bujnicki and Jacek Jaworski. Future plans for further development of the Institute have been thoroughly discussed based on the report of the Director.

On May 24-25, 2013 the International Advisory Board meeting took place at IIMCB.  During the Prof. Jacek Kuznicki presentation members of IAB learned, inter alia, about the FishMed project. The International Advisory Board visited Zebrafish Core Facility and had an opportunity to meet all of lab leaders and other people who work on the FishMed project. The next IAB meeting will take place on May 23-24, 2014.


On April 12, 2013 The International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology organized a kick-off meeting of the project “Fishing for Medicines and their targets using Zebrafish models of human diseases”. The inauguration of the project was  followed by a scientific symposium, which was open for all interested parties.

The open part of the meeting (GENERAL PART and SCIENTIFIC SYMPOSIUM) were attended by around 150 people, including representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU, embasies, SMEs, media and scientists.

Chair Jacek Kuźnicki, IIMCB
09.00-09.10 Representative of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
09.10-09.30 Grzegorz Ambroziewicz, European Commission – Horizon2020
09.30-09.40 Jacek Kuźnicki – presentation of the FishMed project
09.40-10.00 Ewa Snaar-Jagalska, Leiden University, The Netherlands – an introductory lecture
10.00-10.30 Press briefing / Coffee break

Chair Jacek Kuźnicki, IIMCB
10.30-11.10 Molecular circuits controlling myocardial remodeling and regeneration
Thomas Braun, Max-Planck-Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Germany
11.10-11.50 Using zebrafish to study retinal development
William Harris, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
11.50-12.30 Drug screens in an academic environment – how far have we got?
Oliver Bandmann, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
12.30.-13.10 Zebrafish: a new engraft model for in vivo studies on human cancers
Ewa Snaar-Jagalska/Herman P. Spaink, Leiden University, the Netherlands
13.10-14.10 Lunch
14.10-14.50 Imaging heart development and function in zebrafish
Didier Stainier, Max-Planck-Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Germany
14.50-15.30 Cell and tissue mechanics in zebrafish gastrulation
Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Austrian Inst. of Science and Technology, Austria
15.30-16.10 Sara endosomes and asymmetric cell division
Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan, University of Geneva, Switzerland
16.10-16.30 Coffee break

PROJECT MEETING (closed session for FishMed participants and IIMCB researchers interested in the project)
Chair Michał Witt, IIMCB
Joint research projects presented by researchers from IIMCB
16.30-16.40   Matthias Bochtler and Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
The DNA methylation and demethylation in zebrafish.
16.40-16.50   Janusz M. Bujnicki and Thomas Braun
The development and application of bioinformatics software for the prediction of the pathogenic effects of mutations in protein- and RNA-coding loci.
16.50-17.00   Agnieszka Chacińska and Didier Stainier
The role of protein import pathways in zebrafish development.
17.00-17.10   Marta Miączyńska and Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan
The role of endocytic proteins in signalling and transcriptional regulation in zebrafish.
17.10-17.20   Jacek Jaworski and William Harris
The development of the zebrafish visual system as an in vivo model to study zTOR function and dysfunction in neurons.
17.20-17.30   Jacek Kuźnicki and Oliver Bandmann
The mechanism of calcium perturbation in PINK1 mutant of zebrafish, a model of Parkinson’s disease.
17.30-17.40   Maciej Zylicz and Ewa Snaar-Jagalska
The Heat Shock Protein network and p53 response in zebrafish.
17.40-17.55   Grzegorz Ambroziewicz, EC Project Officer – Project management
17.55-18.00   Urszula Wyrzykowska, Project Manager – Key staff in the project

After the Project meeting there was a tour of the Institute, including Zebrafish Core Facility.