Innovation platform


In response to IIMCB growing potential, a separate unit was established in March 2010 to deal with applied technology generated at IIMCB, referred to as the Bio&Technology Innovations Platform (BioTech-IP). At the beginning of its existence, the unit organised a series of training courses on the funding paths of science-industry cooperation, negotiations in business, R&D project management, raising a company, the commercialisation of R&D results, and intellectual property rights. It initiated a programme for IIMCB scientists to perform 1- to 2-month internships at pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enable them to sense the entrepreneurial spirit and establish closer links with business partners. These activities are very important to encourage scientists to undertake applied research projects. BioTech-IP has managed to secure funds for pending patent applications.

Presently, Biotech-IP’s job is to find, protect, and commercialise projects that have market potential. With REGPOT funding, employing IPR/tech transfer experts is planned to deal with the applied R&D outcomes of the FishMed projects that are crucial for securing new products and technologies that may stem from them. To develop the long-term process of technology transfer, BioTech-IP needs to be assisted in “hard” skills, such as proper technology assessment and market evaluation for a given invention. This can be achieved through the assistance of experienced specialists with international expertise in the legal and financial aspects of dealing with technology, such as technology assessment, patent law, market research, and license agreement drafting, etc. Having on-board experts on international IP issues is important because the IP generated by the FishMed Centre will be created with European twinning partners. Such experts will complement the BioTech-IP staff, who will then be able to continue professional support for FishMed Centre scientists to identify the innovation potential of their research, help protect their IP rights, locate the funds needed to move to the commercial phase, and secure long-term gains for society.

Commercialisation is a long process that normally takes more than the 3 years to complete, but to plan activities well in advance is a crucial element in forming the groundwork for long-term innovation that will be beneficial for the region and entire EU and will last beyond the project time span. We plan up to three filed patent applications, several reports on technology evaluations or license agreements, business-to-science brunches, and two training courses on IPR and related issues delivered to Centre scientists to further foster their interest and focus on applied research.

Read more: http://www.biotech-ip.pl/

Participation in conferences:


  • Huber Ludwiczak participated in Bionection Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Sciences, Dresden, Germany,
  • Huber Ludwiczak and Piotr Potepa participated in ETTBio Closing Conference, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels
  • Hubert Ludwiczak participated in BioVaria 2015, Munich, Germany


  • Huber Ludwiczak participated in Cluster of Science, Technology and Innovation, Poznań, Poland
  • Huber Ludwiczak participated in XIII. BIONNALE 2015, Berlin, Germany, 27.05.2015 & 8th Charité Entrepreneurship Summit, Berlin, Germany, 28-29.05.2015
  • Huber Ludwiczak participated in Bionection Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
  • Huber Ludwiczak participated in BIOTECHNICA 2015, Hannover, Germany

Training courses and workshops organized by the BioTech-IP:

  • Science-business networking brunch, 12.04.2013
  • Science-business networking brunch, 26.03.2015
  • Science-business networking brunch, 24.09.2015
  • Science-business networking brunch, 28.10.2015
  • Scientific communication workshop, E. Potworowski, 16-20.03.2015
  • Problem Oriented Research workshop, E. Potworowski, 27.03.2015
  • Wszystko, czego nie wiecie o patentach, a nie macie czasu sami doczytać cz. III, 21.04.2015
  • Jak ugryźć 10 milionów – finansowanie badań naukowych, 21.05.2015
  • 3-Day Bioentrepreneurship Crash Course, Developing business skills in Life Sciences, S. Bennett (1st edition), 8-10.09.2015
  • 3-Day Bioentrepreneurship Crash Course – Developing Business Skills in Life Sciences, S. Bennett (2nd edition), 6-8.11.2015

BioTech-IP Activities:
- Securing IP rights, organization of business meetings, including mini-lectures with brunches that gather scientists and entrepreneurs.
- Since December 2012 IIMCB has filed 4 patent applications and thanks to the work of BioTech-IP staff secured public funding for all of the patent applications, including the funds to prepare business analysis of each of the patented technology. In most of the cases follow-up commercialization activities were implemented, from active presentation of technologies to industrial partners or investors to further contacts with companies willing to collaborate in the scope of these patents.
- BioTech-IP attracted the attention of local biotech companies to projects carried at IIMCB and other Ochota Biocentre institutes also by means of five brunches which gathered a large number of representatives from the scientific and industrial environment.
- BioTech-IP undertook significant actions to create a spin-off on the basis of RNA technologies developed at Prof. Bujnicki’s lab. Furthermore, BioTech-IP is in the process of establishing a special purpose vehicle, a company owned by IIMCB devoted to commercialization of R&D results at IIMCB.
- BioTech-IP started cooperation with two tech transfer experts from USA – Dr. Bożena Korczak and UK – Paweł Żołnierczyk. One of them assisted in commercialization of a technology developed at IIMCB and later deployed by a spin-off company Proteon Pharmaceuticals.

Science-business networking brunch

On April 12, 2013 Bio&Technology Innovations Platform organized a  science-business networking brunch in Ochota Campus to link the world of science with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
During the morning meeting with coffee and tea, five scientists from BioCentre Ochota presented  their projects and research. In short speeches, they showed the main points of their work and possible areas of further cooperation with the industry. The following representatives from companies took part: Assign Clinical Research Poland, Investin, Orenore, MicroBioLab, Pro-Med Olton J., Titanis, Adamed and Celon Pharma. In the audience were also present PhD students and scientists from BioCentre Ochota. There were 15 scientific representatives and 4 BioTech-IP staff altogether. After the official part, there was time for networking as well as an exchange of views and expectations.
This type of events is a new action on the campus as similar brunches have not been organized before. They act as a cooperation platform between researchers and scientists. IIMCB, who is the organizer, encourages scientists to present and promote their research. On the other hand, local entrepreneurs have an opportunity to get acquainted with the projects developed at Biocentrum Ochota and IIMCB. The aim is to make the brunches a tradition and establish a long term and sustainable relation science-business making IIMCB a forerunner of such initiatives.