Ex-post evaluation

IIMCB since the beginning of it’s research activities has recognized the importance of external evaluation of Institute’s development and research quality. For this reason International Advisory Board consisting of renowned researchers from all over the world has been created. However, with the introduction of a new research model, zebrafish, and in the view of growing importance of innovative aspects in research we feel that a panel of experts appointed by the Commission will have an important contribution to determining the most appropriate development path for IIMCB in the coming decades.

The evaluation will be carried out by 3 independent international experts appointed by the Commission. The experts will meet IIMCB‘s researchers and research managers, review research infrastructure and procedures applied at the Institute. This will allow the experts to to evaluate the capacity of IIMCB to achieve strategic objectives and the perspectives to maintain/increase IIMCB’s research capacity and the means necessary for this purpose. The experts will have a possibility to present results of their evaluation to International Advisory Board and to work out together recommendations for further IIMCB’s development.